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Everyone knows that getting caught speeding could leave you with a costly traffic ticket, but a Warrenton traffic lawyer understands that excessive speed can also lead to reckless driving charges. Reckless driving is a criminal offense that can cause you to pay heavy fines, lose your license, and even spend time in jail. Virtually everyone has been guilty of speeding at some time or other. Don’t let your alleged speed land you behind bars or leave you dealing with a criminal record. Protect your rights with legal representation from one of the talented and experienced members of our defense team. We also provide traffic lawyer services across Virginia.

In Virginia, speeding may result in only a civil infraction, but it can also lead to a criminal reckless driving charge. The following actions constitute reckless driving by speed:

  • Driving in excess of 80 miles per hour
  • Speeding in excess of 20 miles per hour above the posted speed limit
  • Driving too fast for conditions

Speed related reckless driving can lead to a misdemeanor conviction that carries a criminal record that can hinder your employment and educational prospects. Furthermore, as a misdemeanor, reckless driving can bring legal ramifications that include a fine of up to $2,500, up to one year in jail, and a suspension of one’s driver’s license for up to six months. To minimize your chance of unnecessary consequences, call an experienced attorney with our firm who is equipped to successfully defend you against the charge. We also have lawyers in the state of Maryland who can help you fight any charges you face, please visit our Maryland traffic lawyer page for more information about what our attorneys in that office can do for you.

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If you have been stopped by police before, but have only received a minor traffic or speeding ticket, but this time have been charged with reckless driving, you might not understand how serious the charge you are facing truly is. In addition to the fines that are typical with traffic related offenses, you could also be facing time in jail and the severe restriction of your right to drive. If you rely on driving to earn a living and you have to commute each and every day, you can’t afford to wait to wait and see what happens with your case. You owe it to yourself to hire an attorney who will treat your case with the passion and drive that it and you deserve. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to secure a positive result in your case, and as a result, minimize the affect of the charge or ticket on your life moving forward.

If you are facing a speed-related reckless driving offense, you want an experienced lawyer with the knowledge and experience to successfully handle your case. Find a Warrenton Traffic Attorney who will take the time to explore all defense options, selecting the best strategy for your case. Whether your attorney fights aggressively to have your case dismissed or uses skillful negotiation to reduce the charge against you, make certain your lawyer provides the legal services you need to bring the best result to your case. If you have any other questions about these laws and the penalties that might come with violating them, please schedule a free consultation with our attorneys. You can also visit the Virginia DMV website for more information.

Experienced Warrenton Traffic Lawyer

Attorney Thomas Soldan is an experienced Warrenton Speeding Attorney representing clients charged in northern Virginia with a number of serious traffic offenses. He is committed to fair treatment for those accused of reckless driving, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Soldan handles a range of criminal misdemeanor cases in addition to his traffic practice. You do not have to accept your Warrenton Traffic Ticket or speed related reckless driving charge. If you are accused of speeding, call Thomas Soldan today for a free consultation of your case.