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When speeding goes beyond a traffic ticket and lands you with criminal reckless driving charges, one of the attorneys with our firm can help you out of a difficult situation. Driving at more than twenty miles per hour over the posted limit or driving at more than eighty miles per hour, regardless of the speed limit, can warrant a charge of reckless driving by speed, a criminal charge that carries up to a year in jail as a consequence. If you have been charged with speed related reckless driving, seek legal counsel from a Loudoun County traffic lawyer.

In many states, speeding is a civil infraction that will get you nothing more than a traffic citation. In Virginia, though, a speeding ticket may be the least of your worries, as “excessive speed” is a criminal reckless driving charge. Rather than simply mailing in a payment of your traffic ticket, you face court proceedings and even a criminal record if convicted of reckless driving in Virginia. Most people would not consider undergoing criminal justice proceedings without a qualified defense attorney. Speed-related reckless driving should be no exception. Protect yourself with legal defense from an experienced attorney from our firm. If you have any other questions about what constitutes a violation in the Commonwealth, or the penalties that you could be facing and the impact they could have on your life moving forward, please visit the website for the Virginia DMV.

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Reckless driving by speed is a criminal offense punishable by a $2,500 fine, a six month suspension of your driver’s license, and up to a year in jail. A reckless driving conviction also garners six points against your driver’s license and remains on your driving record for eleven years, impacting insurance premiums and increasing the likelihood of further license suspension. Furthermore, anyone convicted of speed-related reckless driving has a criminal record which may negatively impact employment, education, and housing options. Virtually everyone is guilty of speeding at some point in his or her life. Such an action does not make one a hardened criminal. Avoid being treated like one by consulting a skilled attorney who can protect your rights, your privileges, and your freedom.

If you have been pulled over for a traffic stop by police in the Commonwealth of Virginia you might have some questions about what type of charges you might face, or the fines and points that would come with a routine traffic ticket. Our attorneys offer a free initial consultation where you can ask them any questions you might have about your case and the defense options they might have for you moving forward. They can also investigate the circumstances surrounding your stop and see if there is ay grounds to get the case or ticket dropped entirely. If you have been pulled over and you think that you have to just ay your fine or serve the sentence that could come with a conviction, you owe it to yourself to contact one of our attorneys to see if they can help you. Read this to learn about our Virginia traffic lawyers.

Loudoun County Traffic Attorney

Attorney Thomas Soldan is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer serving clients in northern and southwestern Virginia. Mr. Soldan is one of the firm’s experienced attorneys. He represents those accused of misdemeanor crimes including reckless driving, DUI, and driving with a suspended license. If you are facing a criminal traffic charge, attorney Soldan can help you build a quality defense for the optimal outcome to your case. To fight your Loudoun County traffic ticket or for an evaluation of your speed related reckless driving charge, call to schedule an appointment with attorney Thomas Soldan.