Alexandria Traffic Attorney

Most people who are pulled over for speeding do not expect to be treated like a criminal. However, with the tough traffic laws in Virginia, something seemingly as simple as speeding can lead to criminal charges. A reckless driving conviction may result in fines, probation, and jail time, as well as a criminal record that can hinder future opportunities. For the best defense against traffic violations, contact a skilled Alexandria traffic lawyer with our firm for a free consultation of your case and a review of the strategy they can put in place moving forward.

Whether a driver is late, distracted, or unaware of the posted limit, speeding is a common traffic offense. For many people, getting pulled over for speeding results in a traffic ticket that they will simply pay rather than fight in court. For others, speeding results in a criminal charge of reckless driving. Under Virginia traffic law, speeds that exceed 20 mph over the posted limit are considered reckless. Speeding in neighborhoods or through school zones can lead a driver to be charged with a criminal traffic offense, even if the speed was relatively low. Not all reckless driving charges come from high-speed driving or drag racing, but even these more challenging cases can be skillfully handled by a qualified member of our legal team. Scheduling a free consultation with our attorneys will give you the opportunity to have any questions you might have answered, and to find out what type of strategy they might use to fight whatever lies ahead of you. You can also visit the Virginia DMV site for more information about these charges and how they might affect your life if you are accused of violating them.

Our attorneys know what it takes to win these cases and have a demonstrated record of excellence in these types of trials. Your case will be unique, and there is no way to be truly prepared for everything it will throw at you. But we know what kind of obstacles you can expect to encounter, and we have a diverse wealth of defense strategies that have proven successful in reckless driving cases in the past. Let us use our experience and knowledge on your behalf to help you get a positive outcome in your case. If you need a traffic lawyer for another part of Virginia, please visit our general Virginia traffic lawyer page.

Experienced Alexandria Traffic Lawyer

A speed-related reckless driving charge is a criminal charge, and therefore is best handled by an experienced attorney with our firm. We can thoroughly investigate the circumstances or your arrest and your alleged crime, casting your case in the best possible light. We know that there are a variety of possible factors, including an illegal traffic stop, insufficient signage, equipment malfunctions and more, that can aid in your defense. Our lawyers will thoroughly evaluate your case to offer the best defense strategy for your unique situation, whether that means working for a dismissal or acquittal or negotiating a plea to a lesser charge.

We are staffed with a team of exceptional criminal defense attorneys representing clients throughout Virginia. We have the experience and skill necessary for the optimum handling of your defense. Each one of our attorneys is well-qualified to represent clients charged with even the most serious traffic offenses. Do not delay in protecting your rights, your freedom, and your driving privileges. Call today to schedule a free consultation of your case with one of attorneys.

When you schedule a consultation with our firm, it gives you a couple of opportunities free of charge. First of all, it enables you to ask any questions you might have about the law you were accused of violating and the charge or fine you will be facing. The best way to be prepared for a trial and what might come after it is to have a good understanding about everything relating to it. Secondly, you and your Alexandria traffic lawyer can begin cultivating a strong strategy for your defense. Call us today for a free discussion of your case.

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